4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Conservatory

If you’ve ever found yourself looking at your home, trying to figure out exactly what’s missing, a conservatory or orangery might be the perfect choice for you. They create a new environment in your home for you to relax and unwind, as you observe the various wildlife that make their way into your garden. Once you opt for a luxury conservatory, you can enjoy it for years to come, and you can utilise it however you’d like.

There are many reasons why someone may choose to have a conservatory as their home extension. No matter your reasoning, you will need an expert team of reliable conservatory builders to take care of every single aspect of the design and construction process. Here at Ascot & Rose, we specialise in crafting luxury conservatories and orangeries for families to enjoy and relax in for years to come. If you’re still weighing up the pros and cons of a conservatory, read our helpful blog below.

You Can Use It All Year Round

Many people have the misconception that conservatories are only functional in the summer, as they can get quite cold in the winter months. However, times have changed, and you can now get conservatories with underfloor heating to make them ideal all year round. Old-school conservatories would usually have to be heated up with an electric heater or some other portable device; why not bring your luxury conservatory into the modern era and opt for underfloor heating instead?

In the spring and the summer, conservatories are a great place to sit and watch the day go by. Different seasons bring different wildlife into your garden, perfect if you’re looking for a change to your day. Here at Ascot and Rose, we are the only installer of Residence conservatories in the local area, a premium luxury material that allows us to create your dream space. You can find out more about our luxury conservatories here.

It’s Multi-Purpose

Whether you need a place to relax during the day or you need an extra room to watch the TV and escape for a while, a conservatory can be the most multi-purpose space in your home. Custom conservatories can be built to suit your preferred dimensions; you can keep it small and simple if you need an extra sitting room, or you can opt for a larger space if you’d like to create a new dining area. They can also be a new place for the kids to play, or you can utilise it to be a luxury space to entertain guests.

Certain rooms in your home already have a main purpose; your bedroom is for sleeping, your kitchen is for cooking. But your conservatory doesn’t have to have one specific purpose. If you’re looking to escape or you would like an enclosed space to view your garden, luxury orangeries and conservatories are a perfect choice.

You Have More Space

Sometimes, we can find that we have more furniture and items than we have the space for. The basement or attic might be full, and you just can’t bring yourself to throw them away. You could utilise a conservatory as a place to put your memorabilia or family photos, and it could also be a place to store those furniture pieces that you don’t want to part with just yet. Instead of throwing away your old TV or table, reuse them in your conservatory to create another living space.

Our luxury conservatories here at Ascot & Rose are designed and constructed with intricate detail and attention, providing you with a new space you can be proud of. You can choose from a collection of bespoke windows, such as Sheerline Prestige aluminium and sliding sash. You can visit us on our website here to find out more.

It Increases the Value of your Property

If you ever choose to sell your property in the future, a conservatory could help bump up your house price. Conservatories give you more opportunities to put your personality into your home, and can really help you get more for your home if you decide to sell. You may need planning permission to build a conservatory on your property, but once it’s built, you can enjoy the benefits even if you’re moving home.

Here at Ascot & Rose, we pride ourselves on providing a personalised service to all of our clients. Our expert conservatory builders have years of experience and always strive to provide an exemplary service. If you would like to find out more about our luxury conservatories, or to receive a bespoke quote, please give us a call on 07778 937465. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here.