Garden rooms are now more popular than ever thanks to the recent pandemic. Homeowners are now looking for cost-effective ways to extend their homes without having to move, by adding more usable living space to their current homes. Plus, who wouldn’t want an extra room in their back garden? 

A well-designed garden room provides a unique alternative to the traditional home, but is it a good investment?

Do Garden Rooms add Value to Your Property? 

Yes, garden rooms do add value to your home, by increasing the square footage of the property’s living space. Traditional ways of adding an extra room to a home such as a loft conversion are a huge project that can be on the more pricey side. However, a garden room allows you to add extra space to your home more cost-effectively. Not only this but with a modern garden room you don’t have to sacrifice a bedroom for a home office or studio. To make an inquiry about whether a garden room is suitable for you, fill out our online form

Fun Uses For Your Garden Room 

Man caves and she sheds have become the must-have escape that every garden needs. The idea of having a garden room is to create a space outside of the family home where you can relax and unwind, whether it be to carry out your favourite hobbies or somewhere you can socialise away from the house. 

Thinking about treating yourself to a garden shed now but not convinced you will get your use out of it? Here are just some of the things you can use a big or small garden room for.

As mentioned above a garden room can be turned into your little arts and crafts area. Now your garden space can be used as a place to express yourself whether it rains or shines. Also having the extra space to carry out your hobby can help it to expand into new ventures, maybe even a small business. 

If you enjoy fitness but find yourself struggling to get to the gym thanks to a busy work schedule, why not turn your garden room into a gym? All you need to do is add in equipment and a mirror to check your form and you are ready to go. At Ascot & Rose, we have a variety of different size rooms available, so you can fit as much as you want into your garden room whilst making sure you have good floor space. 

Get the most out of your summer this year by turning your garden room into your local pub. Not only is it great after a long week at work to come home and have a drink in the garden, but why not turn it into the talking point of your friendship group? Add signage and bar games into your garden room to give it that authentic pub feels. 

How We Can Help

Here at Ascot & Rose, we specialise in building bespoke garden rooms for all of our clients, each of which is tailored to their standards and preferences. To receive a free quotation, please give us a call on 07778 937465. See our Instagram to view our previous work. 

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