A conservatory is a great way of adding an extra room to your home, but what can you use it for? Before you decide to invest in a conservatory first you need to decide what you will use the extra room for. Here at Ascot & Rose, we have put together a list of all the different ways you can take full advantage of your new conservatory. 

A Room to Relax 

A conservator is a perfect place to relax and unwind from the world. Furnishing your conservatory with cosy furniture and scented candles will help to create a calming atmosphere for you and the family to enjoy. So whether you enjoy reading or just want a place to meditate and listen to music, a conservatory is one of the best home improvements you can make. 

A Dining Room 

Conservatories offer beautiful views of your garden, making them the perfect area to host dinner parties. Whether you want to watch the sunrise at breakfast or set at night over dinner, conservatories are stunning rooms to entertain thanks to them being filled with light. Why not attach your new conservatory to your kitchen? 

Kitchen diner conservatories are quickly rising in popularity, thanks to new technology they are no longer the hot and unbearable room they used to be. Instead, they now have a natural and light atmosphere, making them an inviting place to eat. 

A Playroom 

You may have chosen to expand your living space with a conservatory because your family is starting to grow in size. Whether it is a new arrival or your children getting bigger, a conservatory is a great space for playing and another area where toys can be stored. Thanks to most conservatories leading into a garden, it means that your children can play outside when the weather’s great, or quickly come in if the heavens decide to open without messing the rest of the house up. It’s also a great solution for the older kids to have fun too by turning it into a games console room. 

A Home Office 

If you work from home but don’t want your office space to be inside the house, a conservatory is a great option. Though it is still technically inside the house, you get the benefits of being surrounded by light and a nice view of your garden. One thing to consider investing when turning your conservatory into an office is some good blinds so that you can see your computer screen in the middle of the day. Learn more about converting your conservatory into an office by reading our previous article. 

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