If you’re looking for extra space to relax and unwind, but you don’t necessarily have the space for an extension such as a conservatory or orangery, then a garden room is a perfect choice. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can serve as a great summer house. Whether you’re looking to entertain guests during a garden party or BBQ, or you want a new luxury space in your garden, an opulent garden room can bring you more than just space and practicality.

Here at Ascot & Rose, luxury garden rooms, conservatories and orangeries are our specialities. We can design and build your brand-new extension, taking care of every little detail to give you peace of mind. We’re a reliable orangery and conservatory company you can trust, with years of experience in crafting exquisite extensions to suit all of our clients. If you’re considering a garden room, read our helpful article below. 

What is a Garden Room?

A garden room is exactly what it says on the tin, with a touch more elegance and class added to the mix. It is, essentially, an insulated building separate from your home, usually located in a spacious area in your garden. Made from the highest quality of materials, it serves as an extra living area for year-round use. As a luxury structure, it’s a great asset to your home, perfect for showing off to your guests.

It’s a multifunctional space and can be used for whatever you’d like. Whether you want somewhere you can watch a movie with a bottle of wine, or you’d like a more formal, eating space, a garden room can adapt to your preferences. They usually come with windows and glass doors, and as they’re classed as outbuildings and aren’t usually too big, they often don’t require planning permission. They offer privacy and comfort, perfect for relaxing in all weather.

What Are They Used For?

As previously mentioned, garden rooms can be used for several purposes. It’s a secluded little spot for you to escape the stresses and distractions of life, where you can carry out your hobbies, enjoy some music, or just watch some TV. You can even transform your garden room into a small, at-home gym or workout space, giving you privacy and protection. You might even wish to turn it into an office space for when you work from home, or you could transform it into a trendy space for special occasions and parties.

If you have children, why not make it a space for them to play and have fun? You can keep that luxury feel and still make it child-friendly, as when they go to bed, it can be your space to cosy down. A garden room is a blank canvas, and here at Ascot & Rose, our extensions builders can help you paint a picture that suits you to a tee. To find out more, please visit us on our website here.

The Benefits of a Garden Room

Before committing to a luxury orangery, conservatory or garden room, people need to be assured that they’re making the right decision. As mentioned previously, you don’t usually need planning permission to build a garden, however, a site survey is always conducted beforehand. Everything is included in the construction, from the insulation to the cladding. You can enjoy extra space for work or leisure, and it adds some shelter in your garden if you’re hosting a party.

Garden rooms could also add to the value of your home if you wish to sell in the future, much like a conservatory, orangery or any home extension would. It’s a unique build and could add something different to your home, giving you a classy, elegant feel.

Here at Ascot & Rose, we specialise in building bespoke garden homes for all of our clients, each of which is tailored to their standards and preferences. To receive a free quotation, please give us a call on 07778 937465.