The COVID-19 pandemic forced people around the world to change how they work. Though lots kicked back in their luxury conservatories, many had to adapt their home life to meet this new demand and work remotely in quickly put-together home offices. Non-essential and small businesses had to close. Zoom calls became a standard part of the working day. Even now, a vast majority are still not back to a conventional schedule; the “new normal” so to speak.

So why not transform luxury conservatories into a working office? Work in style as you answer a million emails and wish for the weekend to come. Only this time you’re already in pyjamas. Custom conservatories are key selling points for houses, with many homeowners wanting this extra space for relaxing. But, couldn’t you have this same aesthetic for your ol’ 9-5? Here are a few considerations and ideas for a home office conversion.

Ascot & Rose has a whole range of products, specifically designed and installed for various needs. Our luxury conservatories and high-quality orangeries have a 10-year guarantee, letting you kick back and relax as we take care of every planning and building requirement.

The Basics

Before thinking about how it will look, you need to make sure you have the right setup. This will differ depending on specific requirements for your working conditions. You should first take stock of how many plug sockets there are available and the location of these. Figure out the logistics of running cables or any other electrical equipment, making sure everything can be powered.

It’s also worth making sure your WiFi is strong enough for your work. Typically, you would want a connection in your elegant conservatory, making sure you remain online throughout all your house. And this is no exception for a home office. You will need good coverage, as no one wants a frozen face over video calls. If your connection isn’t strong enough, consider buying a WiFi extender, that will boost your current signal. Allowing you to stay online, all the time.

It’s important to make sure you place your equipment suitably, assess the space and take safety precautions. If you have a full glass conservatory, it might be worth purchasing blinds and making sure it’s locked; protecting your items from potential burglars.

Think About Your Home Conservatory Designs

Once you’ve fully set up your equipment, it’s time to make the space yours! You’ve already decided you don’t want a drab and boring office by moving to a luxury conservatory. Add furnishings such as an armchair or a sofa, for when you need a minute away from your screen. These also add to the overall home conservatory designs and give you space to relax on weekends with a couple of drinks.

It’s also worth adding extras to your decor. Plants would much appreciate the constant light a conservatory can give and cushions or throws can make the space feel more livable. Having a calm environment can help release stress caused by constant work. If it all gets too much, you can just look at your surroundings and take a breath. If you work long hours, you need to be comfortable. Make sure you have a chair with good back support or even a footrest for extra solace.

Get the Right Windows

This all sounds great, but how can you avoid glare on your screen? Especially with more windows than usual. As aforementioned, blinds are a good way to solve this, adjusting them as the sun rises and sets through the day. They can also protect your eyes in the early hours when the first coffee hasn’t fully revived you.

In the summer months, home conservatories can get very hot with the wrong windows. Consider double-glazing. It will stop the space from overheating and add an extra level of security for your items. After these precautions, why not think about setting up your desk next to the window? Let yourself have a good view of your garden, adding more tranquillity to your working day.

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Ascot & Rose provide luxury conservatories across the North-East. We design, build and install custom conservatories and orangeries, specific to your needs. We are there every step of the way!
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