Having an orangery or conservatory extending from your home can be a great opportunity for more space. You can do whatever you want with your brand-new luxury space; if you often welcome guests, an orangery could be a great place to entertain. But how do you make sure that your orangery is the best place in your home for hosting? By turning to the very best orangery builders near you, you can have the perfect space before you even start decorating.

With a pristine finish and premium luxury windows, your orangery is bound to stand out from the crowd. Here at Ascot & Rose, we only craft the most luxurious orangeries, conservatories and garden rooms, all of which are tailored to our client’s preferences. If you’re considering an orangery for entertaining guests, here’s how you can achieve the perfect extra space.

Add a Dining Table and Chairs

The most obvious addition your orangery needs is a sizeable dining table and chairs. If you’re wanting to craft it into a more welcoming space for hosting and entertaining, then having a place for your guests to sit is crucial. Try adding more comfortable interiors too, such as a sofa and cushions for your chairs. Consider wooden options if you’re going for a more premium feel, with stylish dining cloths and placemats with darker colours such as metallic greys and matte variations.

Depending on how many people you want over for your dinner parties or events, there are plenty of extendable dinner tables to choose from. You should never have to compromise room space for a giant table, as it can make the space look cluttered. If you already know that your luxury orangery will primarily be an entertaining space, then our experienced orangery builders are here to help. With our various orangery designs, you can choose the one that’s best for you, and space, luxury and style will never be compromised. You can view our gallery here.

Add More Natural Light

No matter how big a space is, natural light can make it look bigger. Not only that, but it can make a space feel comfortable and improve mental wellbeing. Even as the nights get darker, an orangery could still be the perfect choice all year round. It has large windows and a glass lantern to let the stars shine through into your space. Once it does get dark, consider adding mirrors and glass light fixtures to improve the opulence and luxury of your space.

Here at Ascot & Rose, we can fit luxury windows into your new orangery, or if you’re looking to upgrade your current one. Our prestige aluminium collection adds a contemporary feel to any orangery or luxury conservatory, with double or triple glazing options for added warmth. We also stock timber windows and sliding sash variations to suit with your personal preferences. You can check out our stunning collection on our website here.

Opt for a Larger, More Spacious Orangery

If you know you want a large space for parties and gatherings, but you don’t have an orangery yet, this is actually the perfect place to start. If you have already had your orangery built, but realised it is too small, it could cost you more to extend it. Therefore, before opting for a luxury orangery, discuss with a professional orangery company your desires and exactly what you want the space to achieve. They can craft and design a gorgeous space that you are proud of, and you can utilise it for entertaining for years to come.

Orangeries are incredibly versatile spaces. From home offices and extra living rooms to stunning dining and function rooms, you can truly make it your own. Our experienced orangery builders can tailor your new build to your preferences exactly, keeping great communication to ensure that you are fully satisfied. To find out more, or to receive a bespoke quote, please fill out our online form on our website here.

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