Having a spacious, luxury conservatory, orangery or home extension built onto your home is a popular choice amongst homeowners in the UK. It can provide extra space for storage, or can be a new space to relax and entertain. No matter which variation you choose, there are still some misconceptions floating around that can put some people off. Despite these reservations, you should never let them stop you from finding the perfect conservatory for you. Consult an experienced conservatory company for all the facts…

There are various myths out there that need to be disproved, allowing anyone wishing to build a conservatory in their garden to do so without fear or worry. Our stunning conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms here at Ascot & Rose are built to perfection, with enough space suitable for you. Do you want a conservatory, but you’ve heard some rumours that they’re not up to standard? Allow us to ease your worries.

They Are Too Hot in Summer and Too Cold in Winter

A traditional conservatory is often related to freezing cold winters and boiling hot summers, so people feel that they need to opt for heating and cooling systems during these periods. Old fashioned conservatories are usually not well insulated and can cause issues during extreme weather. However, more modern builds don’t have this problem. They can now be fitted with underfloor heating and radiators, with double and triple glazed windows to provide extra heat.

Building a brand-new conservatory or having your current one updated can save you money on your heating bills as you’re able to retain more heat. Here at Ascot & Rose, we provide A++ energy rated windows with our new builds, and we will always craft a modern-day luxury conservatory to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

You Need Planning Permission and it is a Drawn-Out Process

When building a home extension, planning permission is almost always needed, which can deter people from opting for more space. If you’re looking to build a large conservatory, you may need planning permission, but it is often a quick and easy process. Planning permissions can be quite stringent in the UK, but getting the documents for a large conservatory is one of the easiest processes in the planning department. If you opt for a smaller variation, then you probably won’t have to worry.

If you do need planning permission, your conservatory company will usually take care of the process for you, and help you through it. As mentioned, it is, more often than not, an easy and pain-free process.  

They’re The Same as an Orangery

Conservatories and orangeries look similar, but they are very different structures. An orangery is a brick structure with large windows and a glass roof that covers less than 75% of the whole structure. Conservatories have a glass roof too, but they are also made primarily of glass, with 50% covering the walls. They have a brick base, but they don’t have brick panels or walls. They can still be enjoyed for the same reasons, however, such as relaxation and entertainment. Conservatories are, on average, cheaper than an orangery.

Conservatories evolved from orangeries, but have now adopted a life of their own. You can find out more about the history of conservatories and orangeries in our previous blog post here.

Our Luxury Conservatory Company

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