As an insulated building placed away from your home somewhere in your garden, a garden room is a versatile space that can come in handy all year round. Sometimes, there’s just not enough space to add an extension onto the side of your house, so you need to utilise the spare space in your garden to craft the perfect work, play or relaxation hub. If you’re looking to install a new, luxury garden room, but can’t settle on what to use it for, we’re here to help.

Here at Ascot & Rose, we pride ourselves on providing the very best luxury conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms, taking care of every aspect so our clients don’t have to worry about a thing. From installing high-quality windows to providing the best insulation, you can enjoy your new extension all year long. Whether you want a large or small garden room, they are incredibly flexible and can suit your needs perfectly…

A Garden Room/Gym Blend

The most popular use for a garden room is creating a new spot to relax and unwind away from the chaos of the main home. Put a TV in there, add some comfortable seating and you can escape into your own little world. However, they have another practical, fulfilling use that can come in handy for the gym bodies out there. Gym prices can be expensive, so why not get yourself a treadmill, rowing machine and weights and place them in your garden room? This way, you can work out in private, and you know there will always be a station free.

A new garden room could be exactly what you need if you’re sick of travelling to the gym. You can use it for as long as possible, with no gym fees once everything is installed. Our bespoke garden room designs can be suited to your preferences; once the building has been completed, you can decorate and design it to your heart’s content, creating a space you feel comfortable in.

Ever Wanted a Garden Office?

During the pandemic, almost 50% of us had to resort to working from home, which wasn’t ideal for some. Not enough space, screaming kids and bad internet connection were just some of the factors that disturbed us. For those of us where working from home has become a necessity, building a tranquil garden room that doubles as a home office could be a perfect idea. It keeps you away from the madness of your home, and you can get on with work in peace.

A more modern garden room has adopted the aspects of an office, especially for young professionals who have the opportunity to stay home whilst they work to break up their week. Our contemporary garden rooms come with luxury windows such as the Sheerline Prestige aluminium collection, with double and triple glazed attributes to keep you warm. You can find out more about our premium windows here.

Micro Homes for Anyone

Have you found that you’re frequently welcoming guests with no space to house them? Or maybe you’ve recently agreed to let a relative live with you. As mentioned previously, adding an extension onto the side of the house, or looking towards a loft conversion, isn’t an option. Garden rooms present a perfect opportunity to create a new living space, with a bedroom, bathroom and even space for a cooker. They can be designed as mini homes to suit everyone, and can even be enjoyed as an extra space for events.

If you have an idea for how you want your luxury garden room to look, our experts can take care of everything, providing you with a space you can be proud of. If you need to create a brand-new building perfect for housing guests and new housemates alike, our stunning garden rooms are the perfect choice for you.

Make it Your Own Space

Still unsure? Think about why you’re considering a luxury garden room in the first place. Whether you need a little summer retreat or a more practical working environment, we can help. To find out more, or to receive a bespoke quote, please fill out our online contact form here.

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